2022 Sep 02

Interview with Raffey Cassidy: “White Noise” and Things Untold

Interview with Raffey Cassidy: “White Noise” and Things Untold

Raffey Cassidy knows what she wants.

THE ITALIAN RÊVE – Her career is the outcome of unique projects showing how much heart she puts into what she does: after “The Killing of the Sacred Deer”, “Vox Lux” and “The Other Lamb”, now we find her in “White Noise”, directed by Noah Baumbach, which premiered as the opening film at the 79th Venice Film Festival.

Blocking out the sounds we don’t want to hear, bypassing information we wish to be kept out of, and accepting “disinformation” as the dominant family law: “White Noise” is a movie about big themes tackled with a fun, theatrical tone, a choreographed interplay of warm and cool, light and tragic scenarios, idol-worshipping roles and dynamics of the human society.

Right here, in Venice, we met Raffey surrounded by the sea, broken clouds, and emotions. We’ve chatted with her about how different she felt on that set, while filming “White Noise”, and how important it is for her to be with the people she loves, in order to feel good about herself and be able to give her best.< In a movie about toxicity (in all senses), she plays the rational voice, and she doesn’t forget how vital it is in life not to let fears overwhelm us, but rather believe in fate, without asking too many questions:

“Life happens the way it’s supposed to”.

I watched the movie this movie and I really loved it, it was amazing.
Really? I have not seen it yet!

You haven’t? Well, you’ll see it tonight! I’m sure everyone’s going to love it.
Yeah, I hope! I’ve seen bits, but tonight’s the night – I’ll see it for the first time.
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